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Thursday, March 26, 2009

20 week appointment!!!

I had my 20 week appointment today!!! Everything is going great!!! I have gained 12 pounds in total. I thought that was a little much but the doctor said I was right on track. I also learned that I probably won't be able to have an epidural due to my back being mostly metal. My doc said we will need to talk to the anesthesiologist but she guesses I won't be able to. Thats a bummer! Oh well, I guess I need to prepare for pain!

I have had a good week back at work. I really do miss those kids when we have a break! They are such good kids. They are so excited about the baby!!!! They rub and kiss the belly about a thousand times a day!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ultrasound today!!!

We had our complete ultrasound today. Our little boy is quite the show off. He was doing summer saults, sucking his thumb, and playing peek a boo. He was waving his fist at us, as if he was telling us to leave him alone. We already love him so much!!!

I am so glad it is spring break!!! I have a week off and nothing that I have to do !!!!!!!!!