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Monday, July 4, 2011

Our first hospital stay (besides being born)

Noah had his first hospital stay (besides being born) this past week. He has been a very sick little boy :(. He started out with what was believed to be a virus but doc was concerned because he had a very high fever!! He did some blood work. White count was slightly elevated so he was pretty sure it was just a virus but could be starting an infection so wanted us to keep him informed if his fever didn't go down (that was Friday 6/24/11).He seemed to get a little better but as soon as Tylenol or motrin wore off, his fever would spike. Sunday His fever spiked to 104.5 and he was having body aches and chills and couldn't get comfortable at all. So I call the dr. on call line and they said to take him to after hours. The PA said his throat was very swollen, red, and had puss spots. So we did a strep test, which came back positive. Ok good, we have an answer and some meds so he should get better right??? WEll not so much!!! Again he started to improve some. His pediatrician, Crittenden, called to check on him Monday morning. I told him his fever was still little high 102 but would go down with meds. He told me if he still had fever on Wednesday to let him know. Wednesday he called and checked on him. He was running low grade 99.5 -100. He said he would call Thursday morning and check on him b/c he shouldn't be running a fever with the antibiotic if the strep was all he had. WEll Wednesday night/early Thursday another spike of high fever 102-103. I called dr direct line to leave a voicemail so he could get it first thing that morning. He called us back as soon a he got the message and told us to come back to the office for examination and more blood work b/c he was concerned strep wasn't the only thing going on. So they took blood and urine for more test. Doctor didn't like the look of the test and was concerned that he was missing something. He was going to consult another dr and call us back but he thought he needed to go to the hospital. After consulting another doctor, They decided he needed to be admitted to childrens hospital for observation and more test. So Noah was admitted to childrens Thursday night 6/30/11. He was exhausted almost lethargic. They would come in several times that night to do vitals and get blood for test. Noah keep trying to take out his IV so they had to put a brace around it. His blood kept clotting so they weren't getting good lab results so therefore kept having to get more blood. He was very dehydrated b/c his throat was so swollen he couldn't eat or drink. Preliminary labs were showing most likely he had mono and strep. So the antibiotic treated the strep but made the mono worse. His fever finally broke Friday morning, so they said if it stayed down unmedicated then we could go home Friday evening (7/1/11). Fever stayed down so we were able to go home!!!!! Ever since he has been doing pretty good, able to eat a little but still very weak and fatigued. He has been sleeping 11-13 hours a night and taking 4-5hr naps during the day. He can't be around other people right now. We should get all lab results back Wednesday just to confirm that mono and strep is all we are dealing with. It has been quite the little ordeal and has been so hard to see him so sick!!!! He is a tough little boy and hopefully he won't remember much of this!