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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rough last couple of months

These last few months has seemed like one rough patch after another. I know God won't give you more than you can handle, but sometimes you just want to say enough is enough.
First we were dealing with Noah's mystery illnesses. We did learn he has a weakened immune system but thankful no weird auto-immune disorder or cancer (which both were talked about, scary!!) . Then I got my severe pancreatitis and very much could've died. They told me I was lucky I came to the ER when I did. So I got to stay 4 nights in the hospital and miss 4 weeks of work. Only 5% of people ever get pancreatitis with unknown reason, seriously!!! I am still on a very restrictive diet, almost 2 months later. Then the latest has been pat's mom illness and recent death. This has been very hard on pat as you can imagine. So we are headed out tomorrow to start the traveling for the funeral and burial. Funeral will be Thursday in Tahlequah, then travel day down to Gilmer, TX (close to Tyler, TX) for burial on Saturday (actually in a smaller town Pritchett, TX)
Then head home Sunday and back to work for me Monday. Pat will still have some bereavement time left so he won't be going back until Friday, which I think will be good. He needs some time to process and reflect. Right now we are just trying to help dad with details that he hasn't really had time to slow down and process that his mom is gone.
I am just really ready for life to calm down a bit and get back to "normal"
Just say a little prayer for us if you don't mind!!!