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Friday, November 28, 2008

shopping maddness!!!!

On my goodness sakes alive!!!! Toys R us was absolutley a nightmare!!!! My niece and nephews better really enjoy those toys they just have to have!! I saw Chellie Ison there reporting. That was cool!! I met some nice ppl while standing in the checkout line for 2 hours!!!!

I thought I would start at Toys R us and then go to old navy but when I got there at 4:45am and saw the line, I though OMG!!! I waited in my car until 5am when they started letting ppl in. When I saw they had let everyone in and the line was still around the block. I decided to go on to Old Navy and come back. Old Navy wasn't very bad. I got some great deals on gifts and even got Pat and I a few sweaters. I only waited in line 25 min.

But Toys R us was so crazy. There were no shopping carts. So I had to carry, kick,etc 3 large gifts and a small one. Next year I think I will do Toys R us online. I almost did this year but I didn't want to pay the shipping. Shipping costs are well worth it!!!!! The things we do for the ppl we love!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

a long day

Since work has been so crazy, some of my co-workers and I decided to get together for a saturday breakfast and only one rule "no talking about work!" It was a lot of fun!!
When I got home, Pat informed me that our cat, tigger has been violently throwing up and having diarrhea since I left. So I called the vet. They said bring her on in.
Well 2 1/2 hours , and $130 later, it was determined that she just had a virus. We think she got it from our dog, Link. He was really sick ,throwing up, a few weeks ago. It was also determined that her stomach was inflammed due to over grooming and some of her stool sample had hair in it. So we have an antibiotic to reduce the inflammation. And last but not least, It was determined that she is a bit over weight. So we are starting her on a prescription diet cat food.
Pat got a kick out of this question " Was she weighed with her pet taxi?" The answer was no!!! So she's a little chubby. A little meat on a girls bones never hurt anybody haha!!!
As we were leaving the vet, my good fried called and said she had locked her keys in her car and asked if I could come and get her and take to her house so she could get her extra set of keys. I said yeah but tigger was already having a fit b/c she wanted to go home. But we got my friends extra set of keys and took her back to her car.
Tigger is so glad to be home and so mad at me. I guess I'm the bad person for trying to take care of her.
So much for a relaxing saturday huh! I guess it could've been worse.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Friday!!!

I am so glad it is friday!!!! There has been a lot of drama at school not with the kids but with the staff. When you get that many females together, I guess you are going to have drama. Sometimes I have to tell myself that I can't fix everything. I am the special ed department head so I feel the need to keep my team together but I have to learn to pick my battles. If I followed that advice more often I would probably be less stressed.

Anyway, today was my practicum students last day :(. We had a little party for her. I think she is going to be a great teacher. Some people just get sped and others don't and some things you just can't teach. She gets the kids. The kids loved her. I don't think they quite understood that she wouldn't be back. Most thought it was her birthday (even after several explanations).

I am looking forward to a drama free weekend (hopefully)!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

update on my mom!

Ok so they couldn't do the surgery until Thursday morning. They kept her at Henryetta b/c the surgeon was realy busy at tulsa and told them he would be in henryetta on thursday morning. So wednesday night, mom had a horrible night and was in alot of pain. Thursday morning the surgeon got to henryetta and did the surgery. She got to come home friday after noon. We had a half day at school on friday due to parent teacher conferences. I only had two conferences, so my principal let me leave after I was done and I drove to henryetta. I am so glad I did. Mom was still in alot of pain b/c they couldn't do the scope, they had to cut her. My dad just got a new job and is still temp and didn't feel like he could take off work. I'm glad I was there to help mom and especially my brother. My brother is severly autistic and requires help with his shower, etc. I gave my brother his shower, made sure he took his meds and ate regularly while mom was resting. She is doing so much better today. So my dog and I came back home tonight. My dad is off tonight so I feel she is in good hands.
Thanks for the prayers and concerns. My dog and I are exhausted. My brother was so worried about mom that he kept us up most of the night. So I am looking forward to a good night sleep in my own bed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

praying for my mom

I just learned that my mom was rushed to the ER and will be having emergency gallbladder surgery in a few hours, if they can get the surgeon to Henryetta if not they will have to transport her to Tulsa. She has a bad infection. Her white count is 21K. They are giving her IV antibiotics as I type. I am just praying everything will turn out ok.
I will update when I know more.

Monday, November 3, 2008

PJ Day!

Today was pajama day at school! I love pajama day. We made pancakes for snack. The kids loved it!!!
Ok the funny story of the day...
Two of my students were agruing. I asked them what was going on. "T" said "N" kept saying gotcha and he didn't like it. I asked him if he told"N" that he didn't like him saying that. "T" turned around and told "N"that he didn't like it when he said gotcha. I told "T" that if "N" did it again to just ignore him and then tell me.
"T" turned to me and said " I'm not knowing "N" anymore b/c I don't like it when he says gotcha so I'm just not knowing him anymore. Later in the day "N" was trying to talk to "T" and "T" put his hand up and said " I'm not knowing you anymore and I don't talk to people I not know"

too cute!!!
I just love those kids!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

to start off

I decided to start a blog mainly b/c I enjoy blog stalking. I live a very boring life so I don't know how interesting my blog will be, but stay tuned........