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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I don't know if I am being selfish or not but I really thought someone would have offered to throw a baby shower for us. I know it's our second baby but I know people from church that have had showers for 3rd even 4th babies. I mean we don't need a lot bc I saved most of Noah's stuff but there are a few things that I can't find, loaned to someone and don't remember who, or just would like a more girly one of etc and it would be nice to get stocked up on some diapers.  And now that we have  8 weeks or less left I'm getting a little antsy. Should I go buy the stuff we still need, or wait and see if ppl start asking if we need anything?
I don't know, I guess that is selfish to expect a shower. I know people are busy and probably hasn't even crossed their minds.
I don't think anyone reads this anymore but by all means I don't want someone to feel pressure to do a shower now that they saw this. It has just been on my mind lately.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow it's been a long time!

It's been about an year since I wrote on here. A lot has happened in a year but I think most of you are on Facebook so not like this is the only means of communication. Quick recap from last post.
I didn't take the work from home job, I remained at West Field.  But this year I am taking an year leave of absence to stay home with baby girl. That's right in case you didn't know I'm about 24 weeks pregnant with a girl! We are so excited!!! Noah will be in half day pre-k at West Field this school year which doesn't seem possible. At first I had mixed feelings about staying home but with the cost of two in daycare it wouldn't make much sense for me to work. I am really looking forward to having this time with my kids. Honestly we don't know at this time if I will return to work or not. I might love staying home and not want to go back or go stir crazy staying home and can't wait to go back, we'll see!!! I am really going to miss the kids and my friends but I definitely won't miss the stress!!!!
It is definitely weird not preparing for a new school year, setting up my classroom,etc.  It is also weird getting Noah ready for school. Buying school supplies, new clothes, I mean he's still my little baby right???? There is no way he is old enough for school. I am really going to miss him, thank goodness it is only half day. This will give me time in the morning with the new baby, then in the afternoon hopefully she will sleep and I can have some time with Noah!!! It's going to be great!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A lot on my mind and for a worry wort like me thats not good!

First all, I don't know who actually still reads this but thats kinda why I'm writing this here and not on Facebook..... I just need to get this off my chest....
First, Noah is going through the hitting stage and I am at my wits end trying to deal with this. I am just mortified when he does this in public with other kids.  He has pretty much stopped this at home bc he knows he will immediately get time out and loose toys. But  he pushes the limits when we are out in public. Lately he has been hitting kids in bible class. I feel like crying every time I go to pick him and they tell me he has hit someone. We  talk to him about using his words and not hitting and he tells us " I know, hitting is not nice" but he still does it. urgh!!!! I don't know how to enforce the rules when I'm not there or how to get him to realize that it isn't acceptable no matter where we are!
Also, Noah has decided he doesn't want to eat ever! Meal time has become such a battle and I am constantly worried he isn't getting the nutrition he needs.
I just always feel like I am being judge and feel like I am not a good mother when he hits in public or refuses to eat. The doc says he will eat when he is hungry but Noah has seriously gone all day with only eating a cracker. urgh!!!

Second, I am getting into selling Arbonne to try to make some extra money. So far it is going ok. I just don't like asking people to spend money or host party etc. I am not a pushy person at all so when they say no, I'm like "ok" but I'm never going to build up my business if I don't book parties. I have always had self esteem problems where I am constantly worried about what people are going to think of me and if people are going to like me etc. So when I am asking people to host a party or whatever. I have this voice in the back of my head thats saying" they don't want to host bc they don't like you or bc they think you are ugly, etc" I know its crazy, but I have always struggled with that.

Third, I recently received a job offer from the online school, meaning I could stay at home and still teach. I didn't actively seek this job. I have been curious about the job since it started up in OK but have always been to chicken to pursue it.  I just submitted my resume  about 6 months ago and didn't think anymore about it.  Then out of the blue without an interview or anything I got a phone call saying that they have heard great things about me and would love for me to "teach" a trial lesson  but honestly it was a formality that they really wanted me in the sped department. I told them I would have to think about it.  I mean I absolutely LOVE my students and most of them I have for 3+ years and form strong bonds with both them and their families. If it wasn't so close to school starting back up I don't think I would be struggling so much with this decision. Every time I think about the possibility of leaving WF, I just burst out in tears so maybe that is my answer. But I have to wonder if God allowed this opportunity. I have been praying for a way to spend more time with my family and to not be constantly stressed. SO I don't know. I have to let them know by Thursday so I will be doing a lot praying between now and then. And who knows I could teach the trial lesson and they totally don't like me and take back the offer. I am scared to leave WF. I mean I have proven myself at Edmond schools and obviously my reputation proves that so I don;t want to start all over..... IDK but sometimes I think I need a change IDK... I know I'm rambling on and on......

Like I said I have a lot of my mind and feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown!!
I need to just pray, pray, pray and leave it to God!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rough last couple of months

These last few months has seemed like one rough patch after another. I know God won't give you more than you can handle, but sometimes you just want to say enough is enough.
First we were dealing with Noah's mystery illnesses. We did learn he has a weakened immune system but thankful no weird auto-immune disorder or cancer (which both were talked about, scary!!) . Then I got my severe pancreatitis and very much could've died. They told me I was lucky I came to the ER when I did. So I got to stay 4 nights in the hospital and miss 4 weeks of work. Only 5% of people ever get pancreatitis with unknown reason, seriously!!! I am still on a very restrictive diet, almost 2 months later. Then the latest has been pat's mom illness and recent death. This has been very hard on pat as you can imagine. So we are headed out tomorrow to start the traveling for the funeral and burial. Funeral will be Thursday in Tahlequah, then travel day down to Gilmer, TX (close to Tyler, TX) for burial on Saturday (actually in a smaller town Pritchett, TX)
Then head home Sunday and back to work for me Monday. Pat will still have some bereavement time left so he won't be going back until Friday, which I think will be good. He needs some time to process and reflect. Right now we are just trying to help dad with details that he hasn't really had time to slow down and process that his mom is gone.
I am just really ready for life to calm down a bit and get back to "normal"
Just say a little prayer for us if you don't mind!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Noah's dayschool program!!!

Noah had his very first Christmas program today!!! He was so cute!!! I especially love the little smirk when he raises his sticks!!

Noah Christmas Program 2011 (that is linked to the video)

Monday, December 5, 2011


I don;t know what it is about this time of the year but I seem to always get sick. Last year, I had my gallbladder removed this year I have acute pancreatitis. I went to the ER about 1am Wednesday morning and wasn't released until around 2 pm Saturday. I mostly slept all day Sunday and I got up I thought I was going to try to go to work Monday. Pat told me not under any circumstances was I allowed to go to work and actually hid my keys. Well, I ended up back at the doctor this afternoon in pain and diarrhea (sorry TMI). My primary care doc says they shouldn't have discharged me from the hospital and almost re-admitted me but sent me home with some pain meds and continue with the nasuea meds so I could maybe actually keep is down but with strict criteria to return to ER. So I am not allowed to return to work until at least NEXT TUESDAY!! I about fell off the table when she said that. I said really. She said "Do you want to go back to the hospital?" I guess I have been pretty sick and am really in no condition to work but I have so much to do!!!

***** update*****
I am still not able to return to work. I am doing much better but still having trouble keeping food in me!!! I have lost about 15 pounds!!! Pancreatitis is serious stuff and not fun!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Noah is 2!!!

I can't believe my baby boy is 2!! It doesn't seem possible. It seems like I just yesterday we were welcoming him into the world !!! Where did the time go???
We had his party at Unpluggits and he had a blast!!! He got a power wheel motorcycle as his big present and he loves it!!! Just not very good at steering yet.