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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow it's been a long time!

It's been about an year since I wrote on here. A lot has happened in a year but I think most of you are on Facebook so not like this is the only means of communication. Quick recap from last post.
I didn't take the work from home job, I remained at West Field.  But this year I am taking an year leave of absence to stay home with baby girl. That's right in case you didn't know I'm about 24 weeks pregnant with a girl! We are so excited!!! Noah will be in half day pre-k at West Field this school year which doesn't seem possible. At first I had mixed feelings about staying home but with the cost of two in daycare it wouldn't make much sense for me to work. I am really looking forward to having this time with my kids. Honestly we don't know at this time if I will return to work or not. I might love staying home and not want to go back or go stir crazy staying home and can't wait to go back, we'll see!!! I am really going to miss the kids and my friends but I definitely won't miss the stress!!!!
It is definitely weird not preparing for a new school year, setting up my classroom,etc.  It is also weird getting Noah ready for school. Buying school supplies, new clothes, I mean he's still my little baby right???? There is no way he is old enough for school. I am really going to miss him, thank goodness it is only half day. This will give me time in the morning with the new baby, then in the afternoon hopefully she will sleep and I can have some time with Noah!!! It's going to be great!!